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Josh Weinstein PhD, NYPT

Josh Weinstein, PhD

        As a psychologist, Dr. Weinstein understands the experience of your suffering is unique, deserving of
respect, professional attention, and the knowledge it can be transformed. Dr. Weinstein listens closely to help
articulate questions, fears, and desires in a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic environment. Dr. Weinstein collaborates in learning how your expectations for yourself have been formed through past experiences and acts to support revisions to your personal narrative, bringing you into greater focus and alignment with personal truths and desire. Putting words to past and present experience lays the groundwork for greater mental freedom and meaningful change that lasts a lifetime.

         Dr. Weinstein’s practice is based in psychoanalytic theory with a deep regard for personal autonomy and a
recognition of the political and social forces that shape individual realities. Dr. Weinstein has expertise with those who have suffered emotional, physical, and sexual trauma, depression, anxiety, obsessive and compulsive tendencies, relationship issues, personality disorders and ongoing complex autoimmune diseases, such as Lyme. His personal background is broad, with involvement in the fine arts, digital technology, film making, entrepreneurship, and athletics.

          Dr. Josh Weinstein is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City. Dr. Weinstein holds a PhD from CUNY Graduate Center/City College, one of the most respected psychodynamically oriented graduate programs in the country. Dr. Weinstein has worked in New York City public and private hospitals, college counseling centers, and in a community psychological center in Harlem with individuals, couples, and groups across the lifespan from a broad range of ethnic, racial, gender identity, age and belief system designations. Prior to work as a psychologist, Dr. Weinstein created and lead Inside Cinema, an
organizational consultancy, for over a dozen years. Inside Cinema focuses on leadership, organizational
development, and cultural transformation, producing documentary style video resources used to facilitate deep
dialogue aimed at addressing here-and-now moments in human behavior as well as collectively visioning
future states. Inside Cinema worked nationally and internationally with Fortune 500 companies in technology,
finance, retail, and entertainment, as well as in government and non-profit sectors.

          Dr. Weinstein is available for psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and groups.

Services & Fees

Individual Psychotherapy (45 min)...................................$350

Group Therapy (70 min)...................................................$150

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